I-GUIDES® is an end-to-end data management software platform helping organizations maximize their UID return on investment through reduced material management costs, improved data quality and increased asset visibility.

I-GUIDES® enables UID technologies for organizational gains and compliance. Developed and adopted as a corporate standard, I-GUIDES® is the industry standard for meeting UID management requirements.


Connect with trading partners, customers, inter-company facilities or any entity where sharing data benefits your productivity and quality. Whether you have 2 programs or 200, I-GUIDES® will meet your needs today and grow effortlessly with your expanding contract requirements.

Production Focused

We understand the production environment and that workers' time is expensive. For this reason we created I-GUIDES® to manage item data and markings with a minimal impact on production workflows. With I-GUIDES®, your employees work on your products, not managing item data.


Create > Mark > Verify > Manage > Transmit
From raw data, I-GUIDES® generates the unique UII, the two-dimensional matrix code, the label for printing, the platform for verification and audit, the compliant data transmittal file and the registry submission.



CodeSource not only manages I-GUIDES®, but also uses it for its own UID needs. A dedicated program and development team is committed to ensuring that I-GUIDES® remain current with evolving DoD requirements.

Fast and Simple to Implement

I-GUIDES® is specifically designed to facilitate rapid installation and set-up, minimizing demands on your system administrators. The user-friendly interface makes the system easy to learn.


All instances of I-GUIDES® are accessed through a web browser. I-GUIDES® supports all major browsers.

I-GUIDES® was designed for the production management environment, its genesis prompted by a lean, six sigma Kaizan event.

Early on we discovered the power of using a UID system to relate key fields in our legacy systems. UID can establish a common relationship across the enterprise, be it a single business or the Department of Defense. This standardization allows for multiple ways to achieve lean success; better accounting, improved response time and reduced inventory.

The challenge was to translate UID into meaningful data for multiple legacy platforms in each business without reinventing each system.

I-GUIDES® has met the challenge.

I-GUIDES® Key Features:

  •  Web-based application utilizing a SQL database
  •  Supports multiple user authentication modes
  •  Supports many data input approaches (manual, semi-automated, automated)
  •  Generates the UID and guarantees uniqueness
  •  Supports multiple user environments on a single instance
  •  Customizable page layout for each user community
  •  Each user community accesses its own label template library
  •  Creates a UID production audit trail and manages UID data requirements
  •  Query capability for pending and marked UIDs
  •  Hardware agnostic - prints to most marking devices and interfaces with the major verification/validation systems
  •  Enables transmission to the UID registry and/or the specified address of your partner or prime contractor
  •  Enables the entire process without modification of legacy systems